06 August 2011

Welcome, South Sudan, to the Family of Nations!

On 9 July 2011, a new nation-state came into being, when the Republic of South Sudan was proclaimed. After two generations of oppression and war, a new Nation was born as Southern Sudan became independent.

The new South Sudan was created geographically out of three former provinces of the Sudan, Bahr-el-ghazal, Equatoria and Greater Upper Nile. These territories are now configured into 10 states of the new republic.

There was a great wave of exultation and hope across the world in expatriate communities of Nuer and Dinka, the two largest ethnic groups, and others as South Sudan joined the world family of nations.

The previous decades of exploitation, devastation, destruction and exploitation were made even worse by extensive drought and famine in long, repeated periods. Over the years thousands of refugees fled into neighboring countries and into rescue centers in other continents.

About 25,000 Nuer alone are in the United States. Many will remember the "Lost Boys," mostly Nuer and Dinka children who walked incredible distances to escape their light.

One source comments:
"Approximately 25,000 Nuer were resettled in the United States as refugees since the early 1990s, with many Nuer now residing in Nebraska, Minnesota, Sag Harbor, NY, Iowa, South Dakota, Tennessee, Georgia and many other states, and some of them living in Canada, mostly in Toronto, Kitchener, Edmonton, and Calgary."

The source says another 20,000 went to Australia.

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