29 June 2011

Birth of Chicago Blues

Milton (Mezz) Mezzrow was the foundation on which Chicago Jazz, and the related Chicago Blues, arose. Mezzrow was Louis Armstrong's radio producer, a key figure in Dixieland Jazz and the development of the Chicago Jazz sound. Reading about Mezzrow's life and music filled huge gaps in my knowledge of Jazz Era realities and details.

Mezzrow writes about his own financial and personality struggles and the notable successes of his life in the Jazz set. He tutored Gene Krupa and influenced numerous key figures in jazz and blues.

Mezzrow's testimony provides important insights into important individuals in American music's identity. The recently republished book includes added features. See my review of this important work on the history of American music and link to more on the internet from there.

Visit the fascinating and murky early years of 20th Century American Music.

Really the Blues, by Mezz Mezzrow