14 March 2009

Ethnic Identity -- New Articles

I've been writing some new articles recently, arising out of questions I've been answering for queries to my web site.

Most of the articles on my site (over 600 now) have developed out of practical questions in the field. Many reflect the form of that original dialogue or start out with the original question. While I deal with philosophies, cultural worldviews and principles from several technical disciplines, everything I do is aimed at real-world value.

Many articles are revised on an ongoing basis. I continue studying and researching. Many readers write in to discuss matters. Other researchers involved in networks and projects in which I participate will foster discussion. Many times papers you see here have arisen to define definitions and strategy approaches in research and practice related to ethnicity and cross-cultural communication.

Each article carries a development history at the end, so you can see how the topic has been dealt with. Here is a topic originally posted in 2006 in answer to a query from a reader. It has been revised and expanded on an ongoing basis as I ran across pertinent information or dealt with related questions for other readers.

Italians and Race http://orvillejenkins.com/peoples/italiansrace.html

This relates to other files on the topic of concepts of race and the differing use of terminology for self-identification and other-identification in different social environments. A growing area of this dicussion has been genetics. Check out the Related links at the end of the article.

Ethnolinguistic? http://orvillejenkins.com/peoples/ethnolinguistic.html

Many new cultural profiles were have been added. Several existing ones have been rewritten. Here is one about a little-known people of Congo.
The Yansi of Democratic Republic of Congo http://orvillejenkins.com/profiles/yansi.html